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Vol.15 No.2 Dec.2013
Preface Research and Development for Radiological Nursing Sciences Tomoko Kusama
The Keynote Address of the ?15th Year Conference  Harnessing the social benefits of extensive disaster nursing activities Keiko Nakamura
 Reports      Feelings, perceptions and backgrounds of nurses engaging in disaster reliefactivities after the Great East Japan Earthquake  Yumiko Matsukiyo
Disaster awareness among elderly people in the southern part of A Prefecture:therealities of preparedness Naoko Hibino
Development of a Competency Model for Enhancing Teamwork Function in NursingActivities in the hyper acute phase of post-earthquake Kimiko Hayano
Research on the Needs of Typhoon Disaster Victims on a Small Remote Island Yoshiko Ozasa
Characteristics of Stressful Events and Stress Levels among Affected HealthcareWorkers in the Early Stages of Disasters Mikiko Hirano
Characteristics of Stressful Events and Stress Levels among Affected HealthcareWorkers in the Early Stages of Disasters Mikiko Hirano
 Urgent Reports     Report : Nursing needs assessment of a networking activity by the Japan Society ofDisaster Nursing - For 2012 and to date for 2013 Akiko Sakai
Report : An ongoing survey on 2011's Typhoon No. 12 in Wakayama Sachiko Shiba
Report : An ongoing survey on 2011's Typhoon No. 12 in Nara Miyuki Horiuchi
Report : An ongoing survey on the tornado disaster of May 6, 2012 Yuko Tategaki
Report : An ongoing survey on the situation 9 months after the North Kyushu StormDisaster Reiko Nakanobu 
Vol.15 No.1 Jul.2013
?Special Issue <The 15th Annual Research Conference>
Vol.14 No.3 May.2013
Preface The importance of the disaster nursing along with the communities Toshiko Yoshida
Reports Mutual Health Support among Chuetsu Earthquake Victims in Shelters and Other Facilities Michiko Takeda
Disaster-preparedness in Long-term Care Insurance Facilities and Social Welfare Facilities Ayumi Nishigami
Evaluation of Initial Survey Activities Performed by the Japan Society of Disaster Nursing's Network Activity Surveillance Coordination Department -Questionnaire on Initial Survey Activities Conducted from July 2009 to June 2010- Ayumi Nishigami
Urgent Report Report on the preliminary survey of the tornado disaster in May 6, 2012 Yuko Tategaki
Report on the preliminary survey of the North Kyushu flood disaster ―Nursing needs assessment and nursing activity in Oita Prefecture― Ayumi Nishigami
Report on the preliminary survey of the North Kyushu flood disaster ―Nursing needs assessment and nursing activity in Fukuoka― Atsuko Okazaki
Vol.14 No.2 Feb.2013
Preface Expectation for japan Society of Disaster Nursing Institutional membership Ritsuko Mochizuki
The Keynote Address of the 14th Year Conference "Sixteen months after the Great East Japan Earthquake we once again question the rolled and responsibility of disaster nursing before, during, and after the calamity." Chizu Usui
Report Indoor environments and elderly residents' health in relation to temporary housing built in Niigata Prefecture in 2004 Kimie Saito
Disaster Prevention Awareness among Nursing Staff Caring for Babies and Infants Chieko Tazaki
Disaster Preparedness and Social Support for Elderly People Living Alone in Rural Areas Hiroe Miyake
High school students' involvement in a disaster imagination game and investigation of their awareness of disaster prevention and training effectiveness Ryoko Zota
Urgent Reports Report on the survey of the North Kyushu flood disaster in July 2012 Yuko Tategaki
Report on the preliminary survey of the North Kyushu flood disaster ーthe flood in the wide area of Kumamotoー Akiko Sakai
Vol.14 No.1 Jul.2012
Special Issue <The 14th Annual Research Conference>
Vol.13 No.3 May.2012
Preface Issues on disaster nursing as Japanese nursing profession in the world Aiko Yamamoto
Original Articles Behavioral Changes before and after a Disaster Preparedness Educational Program for Nurses Satoko Watanabe
Report Natural Disaster Preparedness at Elementary School and Special Schools with Students in Need of Medical Care: Teachers' Understanding of Disasters and the real Situation of Schools' Disaster Preparedness Reiko Kato
Urgent Report A Report on Nursing Needs Assessment based on the Network Activities of the Japan Society of Disaster Nursing Akiko Sakai
Vol.13 No.2 Dec.2011
Preface A New Challenge for The JSDN Hiroko Minami
The Keynote Address of the 13th Year Conference Disaster Nursing & Humanitarian Assistance ~Through the experience in the Great East Japan Earthquake & Tsunami~ Kikuko Urata
Special Article "The right of individuals and communities to be protected and assisted in the aftermath of disasters. The practice and the legal framework." Margareta Wahlstrom
Original Articles A basic study toward the development of educational programs for disaster nursing based on practical behavior in the field: analysis of narratives provided by nurses engaged in disaster work. Kiyomi Hata
Report The Current Conditions of Disaster Relief Nurse Registration among Clinical Nurses. Ayumi Nishigami
Vol.13 No.1 Aug.2011
Special Issue <The 13th Annual Research Conference>
Vol.12 No3 May.2011
Preface A message of Condolence, Admiration and Hope for the Japanese Society of Disaster Nursing Donna Mead OBE
Special Edition The Great East Japan Earthquake
Activities of the Japan Society of Disaster Nursing-Massage from the President Satoru Yamada
Role of Nursing Professionals in Nuclear Disaster and Basic Knowledge of Radiation Effects on Human Health Tomoko Kusama
Activity Report of Advance Teams
First Team to Fukushima/Miyagi Prefectures Akiko Sakai
Second Term to Miyagi/Iwate Prefectures Tomoe Watanabe
Third Term to Chiba/Ibaraki Prefectures Mariko Ohara
First Team to Chiba/Ibaraki Prefectures Chizu Usui
As Headquarters Coordinators Tomoe Watanabe
Outline of the Great East Japan Earthquake Takeshi Hyakuta
Report Questionnaire Survey on the Living Environment and Health of Victims Four Years after the Niigata-Chuetsu Earthquake Kazue Yajima
Stress Responses and Stress-related Issues Suffered by Nurses who Worked on Disaster Support Keiko Kobayashi
Care for Bereaved Families in Disasters:~Activities of the Japanese Society for DMORT~ Noriko Murakami
Symposium Toward Establishment and Development of Disaster Nursing
ーIntegrating and Promoting Practical Application in Specialized Nursing Fieldsー
From the Standpoint of Clinical Care Nursing Tomoko Inoue
From the Standpoint of Community Health Nursing Misako Miyazaki
From the Standpoint of Infection Nursing Mutsuko Mihashi
From the Standpoint of Maternal Health Nursing Aiko Yamamoto
From the Standpoint of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing Sachiko Ando
Vol.12 No.2 Dec.2010
Preface The Significance and Function of the Journal of the Japan Society of Disaster Nursing Sachie Shindo
The Keynote Address of the 12th Year Conference Telling a Story of Disaster Nursing Akiko Sakai
Special Article Qualitative Research Method for Disaster Nursing Mami Kayama
Original Articles Development of a Competency Model Related to Nursing Activities after a Disaster Kimiko Hayano
-Categorization of Competency Components and Model Construction Related to Nursing Activities Immediately after an Earthquake-
Development of a Competency Model Related to Nursing Activities after a Disaster Taro Kanno
-A Method of Eliciting Cognitive Competencies for Disaster Nursing-
Report What to Be Taught in Basic Disaster Nursing Education Based on Characteristics of Disaster Victims Toshiko Oyama
Victims' Health Problems and Collaboration between Local Medical Members at Site Devastated by the Haiti Earthquake Mariko Ohara
Vol.12 No.1 Aug.2010
Special Issue <The 12th Annual Research Conference>
Vol.11 No.3 May.2010
Preface Development of World Society of Disaster Nursing(WSDN) and Future Tasks Aiko Yamamoto
The Keynote Address of the Eleventh Year Conference Disaster Rehabilitation along with Communities Hiroko Kuroda
~Disaster Nursing Which Promotes Life and Livelihood
Special Article The Report of the 1st Conference of World Society of Disaster Nursing Keiko Okaya
Original Articles Identifying Disaster Nursing Research Priorities Using the Delphi Method Sakiko Kanbara
Report Time-dependent Changes in Victims' Lives and Conditions and Function of Medical Institutions after the Great Sumatra Earthquake and India Ocean Tsunami Akiko Kurotaki
-3 Year, Fixed Location Field Investigation in Banda Ache, Indonesia-
Present Conditions and Issues among Residents in Temporary Housing Miyuki Matsubara
Who Suffered from the Noto Peninsula Earthquake during the Disaster Cycle  
A Few Trials in the Training Methods for the Infectious Prevention Supporter to Physically Handicapped Individuals Mutsuko Mihashi
Responses and Issues at the Time of the 2009 A(H1N1) Influenza Outbreak Mutsuko Mihashi
Vol.11 No.2 Dec.2009
Preface What Public Administrators Expect for Nurses at the Time of Disaster Kimiyo Suehara
Original Articles Interrelation Between the Sense of Accomplishment and Sense of Affirmation of the Organizational System in Nurses Engaged in Disaster Medical Relief Operations Kimiko Hayano
Report Current Conditions of Disaster Preparedness among Disaster Base Hospitals in Japan Ayumi Nishigami
"Mental Health Care "for Victims from an Early Stage after the Disaster Miwa Kawada
The Influence on Nurses of Disaster Nursing Experience and the Meaning of their Experience Reiko Nakanobu
Reports on the Immediate After-Effects of Disaster A Status Report of Storm and Flood Damage in the Western District of Hyogo Prefecture, Caused by Typhoon #9 in 2009 Yuko Kuroda
~Initial Exploration by the Advanced Team~
Symposium Efforts to Combat H1N1 Influenza Chika Shirai
~How well were Organizations Prepared~ Emiko Iwasaki
Kiyoe Hirata
Etsuko Nakano
Vol.11 No.1 Aug.2009
Special Issue <The 11th Annual Research Conference>
Vol.10 No.3 May.2009
Preface What Public Administrators Expect for Nurses at the Time of Disaster Hiroto Kitaguchi
The Keynote Address of the Tenth Year Conference A Review of the Past-Years History of Japan Society of Disaster Nursing Hiroko Minami
Introduction of Radiation and Nuclear Accidents -Roles of Nursing Staff- Tomoko Kusama
Special Article Health Impacts of Global Warming -Heat Stroke- Masaji Ono
Report Present State of Disaster Nursing Education of the Nursing University in the Asia Region Mayumi Miura
An Awareness of Disaster Prevention in Nursing Students and Factors that Effect It Yumiko Matsukiyo
The Effect of Post-Quake Life Changes on the Health Status and Health Support for Victims Utako Shimizu
Vol.10 No.2 Dec.2008
Preface Nursing Volunteer Activity for the Community Akiko Sakai
Original Articles Investigating the Health Status of Pregnant Women Who Experienced the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake during Their Previous Pregnancy Aiko Yamamoto
Report Experiential Learning of Students Simulated Casualties in Triage Practice Reiko Nakanobu
Reports on the Immediate After-Effects of Disaster A Report on the Damage in Okazaki City Caused by Heavy Rain in August 2008. Chizu Usui
~Initial Exploration by the Advanced Team~
Vol.10 No.1 Aug.2008
Special Issue <The 10th Annual Research Conference>
Vol.9 No.3 May.2008
Preface Treatment of disaster relief nurses Kumiko Ii
The Keynote Address of the Ninth Year Conference Perspective of disaster nursing Preparedness based on firsthand knowledge Roles of nurses in the field of medical practice Shizuko Kikuchi
Original Articles Developing a disaster nursing educational program based on the experiential learning theory Kiyomi Hata
Report The current situation and issues of disaster planning at home care nursing agency Yukari Mizushima
Practice of the disaster nursing education which adopts the interchange study of the nursing student and the community resident Midori Iwata
-How influenced to development of disaster prevention volunteer seminar-
Symposium The hospital management just after Niigata Chuetsu Earthquake Kii Awazi
Activity report for Chuetsu Great Earthquake as a public health nurse of public health center Haruko Naito
Through the experience of the JR West train rollover accident Akemi Utsunomiya
Session Lessons of the experience in nursing activity on the Noto Hanto Earthquake in 2007 Tomoe Watanabe
-About the state of professional support-
The experience at public health nurse of disaster area Kayoko Kanema
The experience at the support of nursing activity Mariko Seto
The experience at the coordination among nursing volunteers Kumiko Yoshida
Instructions/Key/Lessons of the experience in nursing activity on The Noto Hanto Earthquake in 2007 Tatsue Yamazaki
-About the state of professional support-
Advice from Commenter Kiyoe Hirata
Advice from Commenter Kumiko Ii
Vol.9 No.2 Dec.2007
Preface Personnel Prediction and Coping for Nuclear Safety Tomoko Kusama
Original Articles Relationship Between the impression of medical personnel wearing infection control personal protective equipment and prior information Mutsuko Mihashi
Report An Early Assessment of 2006 Heavy Snowfall Akiko Sakai
Educational issues based on the results of disaster triage training for nursing students Kaori Bouda
Having learned from Indonesia Sumatra offing Large-scale earthquake and Indian Ocean tsunami disaster support activity Tatsue Yamazaki
-Subacute disaster nursing support which took a long term into consideration during from activity for period-
Vol.9 No.1 Jul.2007
Special Issue <The 9th Annual Research Conference>
Vol.8 No.2 May.2007
Preface Contribution of Disaster Medicine to Resilient Society Yoshiaki Kawata
The Keynote Address of the Eighth Year Conference Disaster Nursing Education with Community Based Preparedness and Relief Activity Mariko Ohara
Original Articles The roles and tasks of public health nurses in seismic disasters Makoto Fujii
Report Implementation and Evaluation of the Disaster Nursing Education for Nurses Rieko Oshima
Considerations about disaster nursing education in basic nursing education Hisako Kumagai
-Form the learning of the students who participated in the disaster training at a general hospital-
Vol.8 No.2 Dec.2006
Report The Personal expectations of Nurses in Disaster Situations, and how they View their Role with Health Care Needs in a Disaster Mie Aoki
A comparison of Nurses who work in hospitals, and Nurses who work in the community outside of the hospitals-
Medical Relief Activity in Sri-Lanka for Tsunami Disaster in 2005 Chiyuki Ono
Preface Evaluation of Community Disaster Education Program Nobuyuki Okuno
The Keynote Address of the Seventh Year Conference For Disaster Mitigation Yuji Narasaki
Promoting Preparedness for Disaster Aiko Yamamoto
-Recommendation from Disaster Nursing
Original Articles Nursing in a ward with hospitalized children during a disaster:From the experiences of nurses in the Mid Niigata Prefecture Earthquake in 2004 Miyuki Inoue
Vol.8 No.1 Jul.2006
Special Issue <The 8th Annual Research Conference>
Vol.7 No.3 Jul.2006
Preface Science Council of Japan and Japan Society of Nursing Science in relation to Japan Society of Disaster Nursing Hiroko Minami
Original Articles A study of the process of the change on psychosomatic and measure method of the volunteer coordinator who participated in restoration activity Norihito Noguchi
Report A Questionnaire Survey about Disaster Nursing of Nurses belonging to A-hospital -A Role and Future Activity of E-Nurse- Michiko Obatake
Development of a disaster preparedness manual by a visiting nurse station-Joint efforts of home-care patients and their families and visiting nurses Noriko
Health and nursing needs of children suffering from the Chuetsu Earthquake of Niigata Prefecture: Group interview results of nursing volunteers Masako Kako
How communication measures and messages can be effective in an emergency situation Mikiko Hirano
-A Study on the Emergency contacts in a Large-scale Earthquake -
Special Article An Early Assessment of 2006 Heavy Snowfall in Fukui Akiko Sakai
Vol.7 No.2 Dec.2005
Preface Information dispatching and sharing Satoru Yamada
Report  An investigation into consciousness that the nurses belong district hospitals work for disasters Michiko Kamata
Factors affecting the registration of disaster nursing volunteers among clinical nurses Tomoe Watanabe
Special Article Survivor's Guilt: Understanding the Aftermath of Disaster Patricia Underwood
Vol.7 No.1 Jul.2005
Special Issue <The 7th Annual Research Conference>
Vol.6 No.3 Mar.2005
Preface A View Based on The Field Kumiko Ii
The keynote Address of the Sixth Year Conference The state of Cooperation for Satoru Yamada
Playing Roles of Nursing in Disaster
Original Articles Development of Disaster Nursing Education Program Aiko Yamamoto
Report  The Status Quo and Challenges of Disaster Nursing based on Disaster Prevention and Relief Systems in China Wu Xiaoyu
A Format of The Disaster Nursing Report Ryoko Kakii
Symposium Disaster Prevention Plans and The Anticipation for Medical Attendants Kouichi Sakai
-Necessity of"Chain of Medical Relief " -
The State of Cooperation as a Prefectural Nursing Association Michiko Akita
The Linkage and Cooperation in Preparation for Disaster Between District Hospitals and Municipalities Miyoko Kakiuchi
Cooperation with Inhabitants (a Citizen) and a Person of Nursing, Cooperation in Labor and Participation in Planning Hiroko Kuroda
-To Respect Life as One Person -
The Project of Building a Disaster Resistant Community Atsuko Oka
Emotional Support for Children at The Natural Disaster Hatsuyo Matsunaga
-The Experience of One School Nurse in Tokai Heavy Rainfall Flood Disaster-
Task of Child Mental Health: Traumatized Children by Disaster Kazuo Shingu
Vol.6 No.2 Jul.2004
Preface Conference Management and Practice of Risk-management Satoru Yamada
The keynote Address of the Forth Year Conference Organizational Competency for Nurses when disaster happened Toshiko Ibe
Original Articles The risk Cognition of Infectious Diseases and The Analysis for Risk Control on Space by Two Factors Mutsuko Mihashi
Report Study on Disaster Site of Middle Phase after Big Earthquake in Bam, Iran Mariko Ohara
-Necessity of Support on Reconstruction of Life of Victim Nurses-
International assistance activities by a Japanese NGO in the health sectors of Cambodia after natural and man-made disasters Miyoko Okamoto
A health Survey after Mt.Pinatubo Eruption Disaster Junko Onishi
-Some Subjects in Omaya of Reconstruction Term-
Vol.6 No.1 Jul.2004
Special Issue <The 6th Annual Research Conference>
Vol.5 No.3 Dec.2003
Preface Disaster Nursing -The Study of On-Site Experience Kiyoko Ikegawa
Report A Study on Nursing Student's Risk Perception of Disaster (1) Hitomi Motoyama
Annual Conference Report Summary on Five-year's Activities of Japan Society of Disaster Nursing and Future Prospective Hiroko Minami
Problems and Suggestions of Membership for Organization Kiyoko Ikegawa
Summary on Five-year's Publication of Journal of Japan Society of Disaster Nursing and Future Prospective Aiko Yamamoto
Requirement for Nursing Volunteers Yutaka Kanazawa
How do we to be nursing volunteers and work with them-Through Experience of Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake- Yaeko Sakakibara
Polemical Essay Consideration to an Example of Regional Disaster Prevention System Yukiko Ohta
Vol.5 No.2 Sep.2003
Preface Development of Disaster Nursing Aiko Yamamoto
Report   The Psychological Injuries and Care Following Isolated Circumstances by Mass Outbreak of Dysentery Mutsuko Mihashi
The Possibility and Proposal of Nursing Volunteer in a Stricken Area after the Hanshin Awaji Great Earthquake Hiroko Oyamada
-From the Nursing Volunteer Activity of a Shelter
The Long-Term Assessment of the Actual Flood Disaster in Tokai Akiko Sakai
Polemical Essay Two Values in the Clinical Management of Radiological Accident Patient: A Nursing Perspective Emiko Konishi
Vol.5 No.1 Aug.2003
Special Issue <The 5th Annual Research Conference>
Vol.4 No.3 Dec.2002
Preface Trends in the Journal of Japan Society of Disaster Nursing Sachie Shindo
The Keynote Address of the Forth Year Conference Ethical Issues in Disaster Nursing -The Internet, Privacy and Infomation- Toku Ishii
Original Articles A Study of the Characteristics of the Nursing Students With the Will to Participate in Disaster Relief Activities Mikiko Hirano
Report   The Review of the Nurse's Preparedness for Disaster Nursing in A Prefecture Yasuko Morishita
A Report on Participating to the Disaster Nursing Workshop Held by Trained Nurses Association of India Mariko Ohara
Sheltering Training of the Serious Disabled and Examination of Nursing Aid for Old and the Auditory Defectives in a Disaster Tatsue Yamazaki
Reports on the Immediate After-Effects of Disaster Health Status of the People Affected by the Typhoon No.16 in Tonaki Island, Okinawa Prefecture Masumi Tsuda
Our Experience of "White Powder" Incidence Suspected of Anthrax Attack Happening in the Hospital Kyoko Ganaha
Support for Afghanistan Refugee -From the Viewpoint of NGO- Ryuta Suzuki
Vol.4 No.2 Sep. 2002
Special Issue <The 4th Annual Research Conference>
Vol.4 No.1 May 2002
Preface Accumulation of Body of Knowledge For Disaster Nursing Noriko Katada
Forum    How Should Disaster Relief Agencies Link With Other in Emergencies-From the Viewpoint of Disaster Nursing - Ikuyo Tsukakoshi
How should Disaster Relief Agencies Link With Each Other in Emergencies- International Viewpoint: A Consolidated Approach Towards Formulation of the Universal Standard for Common Issues- Akira Nakata
How Should Disaster Relief Agencies Link With Other in Emergencies-Collaboration and Cooperation with Community Network in Promoting Readiness Toward Disaster- Kiyoko Hamaguchi
How Should Disaster Relief Agencies Link With Other in Emergencies-From the Viewpoint of Disaster Nursing- Masakiyo Murai
Symposium  Area Practice and the Correlation of the Incumbent Task Education and Multiplier Effect The Nursing Which Could Be Seen From the Correspondence of the Eruption Disaster of Mt.Fugen, Unzen Eiko Kohguchi
A Little Thought on Disaster Nursing From the Educational and Its Reserch Point of View Noriko Matsuda
Original Articles The Following Up Study on Daily Life and Health of Elderly Victims in Public Housing After the Hanshin-A waji Earthquake Sugako Ikeda
Report  Comparison of Experience of Disaster Between Nurses in a Stricken Area and Those Outside the Stricken Area Akiko Sakai
Learnings Through Evacuation Process by the Eruption Volcano of Mt.Usuzan Mitsuko Iwamura
Reports on the Immediate After-Effects of Disaster My First Experience in the International Aid Organization -Emergency Medical Support for Afghanistan Refugee- Harumi Suzuki
Vol.3 No.3 Dec.2001
Preface Well-Prepared Drill for Disaster Toshiko Ibe
The Keynote Address of the Forth Year Conference Building a Tentative Model of Nurses Collaboration Based on the Experiences of Disaster Nursing Mutsuko Nakanishi
Report   The Psychological Characteristics and Its Care under the Isolated Circumstances in Mass Outbreak of Dysentery-Based on the Index of General Health Questionnaire-(GHQ30) Mutsuko Mihashi
The Roles of Disaster Nursing of Niijima Island-An Analysis of the Record of Relief Activities for Four Months- Etsuko Hayashi
The Implement and the Effect of Disaster Imagination Game(DIG) on the Inhabitants Noriko Kawahara
Reports on the Immediate After-Effects of Disaster   An Early Assessment of Geiyo-Earthquake in Kure Tomoe Watanabe
Medical Relief Operation of the Earthquake in India-Report from the First ERU Mission for the Japanese Red Cross- Tomako Azuma
The Report of AKASI City HANABI Festival a Padestrian Overpass An Accident at the Initial Stage Conduct Chizu Usui
Vol.3 No.2 July 2001
Special Issue <The Third Annual Research Conference>
Vol.3 No.1 Mar.2001
Preface Organizational Membership Mutsuko Nakanishi
Symposium    Nursing Care in Acute Phase of Disasters Mitsuko Maruyama
Disaster Mitigation System of Infrastructure Yoshitaka Motoda
The Practical Education concerned with Disaster Nursing -in the Field Training- Keiko Shimizu
Disaster Nursing Learned from the Practice-Experiences of the Disaster Response Activities in Colombia and Turkey- Noriko Tomabechi
Report An Investigation into the Mental and Social Factors Affecting Nurses who Started Work soon after Experiencing the KOBE Earthquake -The Process by which these Nurses Overcome their Experience- Seiko Matsushita
A study of the Effectiveness of Red Cross Principals in Basic Nursing Education Mikiko Hirano
Experience of Nursing for those over Exposed at Criticality Accident in Tokai-Mura Noriko Tokuyama
Japan Society of Disaster Nursing A Network Activity Kumiko Ii
Reports on the Immediate After-effects of Disaster A Report of Nursing Needs Assessment of the Niijima Earthquakes Sonoe Mashino
Chizu Usui
A Report of An Initial Assessment of Volcanic Disaster in Miyake Island Kumiko Ii
The Early Assessment of the Autual Flood Disaster in Tokai Akiko Sakai
Vol.2 No.3 Oct.2000
Preface Disaster Nursing is a Essential Practice for Nurses Akiko Takahashi
The keynote Address of the Second Year Conference The Leadership of Disaster Nursing-Focus on Hospital Nursing in the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake- Sachie Shindo
Original Articles Clarifion of the Roles of Disaster Nursing The Role-analysis of Nursing Professionals through the Actual Flood Disaster Occurrence Satoru Yamada
Report   A Study of the Awareness of Volcanic Disaster in Iwate Kyoko Noguchi
A Report on a Field Investigation of Nursing for the Earthquake in Turkey half a year after that Chizu Usui
Needs for Care During a Disaster of USUZAN Eruption Kumiko Ii
Vol.2 No.2 Aug. 2000
Special Issue <The Second Annual Research Conference>
Vol.2 No.1 Jan. 2000
Preface The First Year Steps of the Japan Society of Disaster Nursing Hiroko Minami
Symposium  Volunteer Relief Work in Temporary Housing Area-"Humane Life" always in sight Hiroko Kuroda
Rescue Operations for Emergency and Regular Measures for Disaster Prevention Tatsue Yamazaki
Report   The Learning Needs of Students for Disaster Relief Theory in Basic Nursing Education Mariko Ohara
The Activities of Japanese Red Cross Nurses on the Disaster Relief in foreign Country Shoko Yamamoyo et al.
Investigation of Disaster Nursing Issues: Questionnaire Suvey of Hospital Nurses Ayumi NIshigamio
Kimiyo suehata
Special Article  A Report of Nursing Relief by Kobe University Medical Team for Earthquake in Taiwan Tomoe Watanabe
Experience of Nursing for those over Exposed at Criticality Accident in Tokai-Mura Chizuko oda
Eiko Hirokou
Vol.1 No.2 Jul. 1999
Special Issue <The First Annual Research Conference>
Vol.1 No.1 Jul. 1999
Preface A Brief Review of Disaster Nursing Trends and Future Directions of The Japan Society of Disaster Nursing Hiroko Minami
Foreword Congratulations on Founding Japan Society of Disaster Nursing Muneo Ohta
Key Note Address The Public Health Consequences of Disaster Beth Mazzela
Special Article Supporting System for the Aged in Earthquake Disaster Akira matsuda
Report The Disaster Relief Network and Activities of Japan Red Cross Society Hisae Mashiko et al.
Materials Early Assessment of Post Disaster Nursing Tomoe Watanabe